Struggling to stay afloat financially?

Don't drown in debt. Refinance high interest rate loans during the Loan Rescue Community Challenge and you could win an extra $500.*

What is the challenge?

Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union is rescuing our community from high interest loans with the Loan Rescue Community Challenge. If you have loans of any kind, with anyone, we can restructure one or more of those loans and save you money by reducing your payment, reducing your interest, or changing your term. Refinance a qualifying loan and you will be automatically entered to win $500 that month.*

How does it work?

  1. Get a FREE 5-Minute Financial Checkup to see if you could save thousands
  2. Switch to a lower interest rate loan
  3. Save money and be entered to win a $500 cash prize given away monthly

Check out our loans

Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union has several ways to save you from drowning in high interest debt. With a full line of mortgage products, debt consolidation, vehicle loans, and checking products, our professional loan staff can help you achieve your financial dreams.

Call 609-646-3339 to get started!

Save money and be entered in a drawing to win a $500 cash prize given away monthly

The results speak for themselves! See the total amount of high-rate loans rescued with our 2014 Loan Rescue Community Challenge.

Over $5.5 Million
Loans Rescued

as of December 31, 2014

To sweeten the refinancing deal, we will be giving away $500 every month during our 2014 Loan Rescue Community Challenge! The $500 cash prize will be drawn from our members that took the challenge and refinanced their high-rate loans they had elsewhere that month.

Monthly Winners



Requested to remain anonymous.

Peter Kachonick

November - Peter Kachonick

"We were able to consolidate our loans, including two car loans, and saved thousands a month in payments! Our two car payments now are less than just one that we were paying before!"

Dianne Pett

October - Dianne Pett

"My car refinancing went smooth with Loan Officer Jill. Refinancing with Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union was a good experience."

Stephanie Bell

September - Stephanie Bell

"Refinancing with Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union was like working with family! We saved about $375 a month on our payments!"

Stephen McBrearty

August - Stephen McBrearty

"We had a great experience refinancing our high-rate loans! The application process was fast, easy, and everyone was friendly and helpful!"

Robert Perry

July - Robert Perry

"The process to refinance high rate credit cards to a lower rate loan with Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union was very straightforward and convenient!"

Andrew Lamb

June - Andrew Lamb

"It's always nice to save with Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union! I've been a member since 1989 and have always used the FAA branch."

May - Y. Cai

"The Loan Rescue did a great job for me. It was there to help me clear my high-rate credit cards and refresh my life!"

Josie Crespo

April - Josie Crespo

"It was a great experience; not only did they help me with my auto loan, but showed how I could refinance other loans and save on my payments!"

Christopher Poponak

March - Christopher Poponak

"It was easy to move our car loan to the credit union and it is saving us $120 each month! In addition, we also consolidated other debt to free up even more money every month."

George Kurtz

February - George Kurtz

"I've been a member for 40 years. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. The Loan Rescue lowered my monthly payments by $600!"

Claire Nagel

January - Claire Nagel

"Refinancing my mortgage has not only allowed me to enjoy lowering my interest rate, but also now I can do necessary renovations to my property."

*Must become a member of Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union to apply and secure a loan. A minimum $25 deposit is required to open an account. Cannot refinance current Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union loans. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. For complete rules
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